Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yeah... well... huh...

So I haven't written since May 22nd. Wow. It's been a LONG time, huh?  Yeah, well, I've been BUSY. Lots going on with me and tonight I'll keep it brief because Little Man has been in the midst of some sort of sleep regression/fear/phobia deal. He won't fall asleep unless myself or my husband sits in his room with him. He'll get up and SCREAM "Mama! Dada! Mama! Dada! MAMA!DADA!" until one of us comes back. This started about 2 weeks ago.

So for the updates since the end of May.

  • My nephew H turned 9.
  • My Dad had his hip replaced on June 18th and has been in a rehab facility since the 22nd
  • My nephew M turned 7
  • Our 4th anniversary was June 22 and we actually had a date night, thanks to my BFF, and saw the Pixar movie Brave.
  • Little Man stopped napping (last week of June) even though he still NEEDS a nap
  • Sleep has been royally fucked up for us all
  • BOTH of my parents are coming home on July 13th.

So big changes are ahead for my family.  I am anxious about this, even though I am glad my mom will be home because I know she has been extremely lonely in the nursing home. But so much of this falls on me. I already am caring for an energetic preschooler, working part-time for my family business, job hunting, keeping up with the house and caring for an elderly dog... I barely have time for myself or my husband. So add my parents to the mix without any help... it's a rough thing.

I hope Little Man starts sleeping again. We'll be doing the switch to the Big Boy Bed in the next week or so, so I figure I'll have more sleepless nights ahead of me. But he surprised me with the pacifier, so you never know.   And then he turns THREE in August. Wow.

So that's the update.  I keep saying I'll keep up here and I never do. I guess I should keep my word.

I'll try. I promise.