Monday, July 15, 2013

The Tonsillectomy Recovery and Other Updates

It's been about a month since my last post. Initially I was unable to update after Little Man's surgery in June. Because, to be honest, the recovery SUCKED. I'm not even sure I can appropriately address how terrible it was with my words. But it was BAD.

So basically Little Man refused to take ANY medicine. He'd work himself up into a frenzy and cry and run away screaming "No medicine!" The antibiotics that were prescribed were preventative only, so we took the $25 copay loss and only got 2 doses into him (the first 24 hours). He wouldn't take liquid Tylenol so I purchased the Feverall acetaminophen suppositories. He actually preferred them to the oral medication, though not without a fight. But every so often I dosed him where I could. So I guess he was in considerable pain. I did manage to keep him hydrated--no clue how I did that--and he went between wanting nothing to eat to being STARVING. It was rough.

Basically for 12 days post-op, he ate macaroni and cheese. For breakfast. For lunch. For dinner. Mushy mac-n-cheese. With the occasional ice pop or fudgicle. He had yogurt too. That was IT. And those foods bound him up. So he'd complain that his tummy hurt--the combo of constipation and hunger! By day 10, I had enough and let him have some soft muffins and blueberries. He was much happier and the blueberries are the magic poop fruit. Seriously. Those with a thermos filled with Miralax infused water did the trick.

The poor kid would also wake several times a night SCREAMING!  The first night or two, I think it was from pain. But after that, he had night terrors. He didn't fully wake. He hit me and cried. Some nights he stayed in his bed, but I was there every 2 hours (like when he was a newborn, only not as easy). The first few nights he slept in bed with me and my husband--which meant WE got no sleep. He was able to articulate once that he was afraid of being put to sleep (and we were so careful to say the doctors would only HELP him fall asleep) and he was afraid to sleep. I felt awful.

Finally he had his post-op visit on our 5th anniversary (Saturday June 22nd) and the doctor gave the go-ahead for a normal diet. Thankfully the tonsils had healed properly with no complications. So we went to a diner and he had pancakes. Kiddo devoured them. He was SO hungry. He also tried some of my husband's orange juice and actually "stole" the cup. For about a week after, he was an eating machine. But now, a month later, he's slowed down.

Here are a few pics.

In other news...

  • We took him to his first movie IN the movie theaters. Monster's University on June 23rd.
  • He went back to daycare (after 2 weeks off) on the 24th and is doing really well. Even is going on field trips with on a big school bus!
  • As for me... Hubby and I actually had an anniversary dinner out by ourselves!

So I guess that's it.  I know I keep saying that I'll update this blog more frequently. I guess I should, right? At the very least I'll try to write at least once a week. TRY is the key word.