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From October 21, 2009
For years I never thought I'd get married, much less become a mother. But I met my husband at age 36 and the last three years have heralded a lot of change in my life. It was a quick road to marriage and motherhood—but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My husband (aka Dude on this blog) and I met on the dating website JDate in October of 2006. Within months it was serious and I moved in with him in November 2007—he proposed that very same day. Since we were older (and it was his 2nd marriage) we had a short engagement and married June 22, 2008 (at 38 and 37). We decided to try for a family right away and we were thrilled that I conceived within 5 months. After a thankfully smooth pregnancy, Little Man was born on August 14, 2009.

Since neither Dude or I have well-paying jobs and because we rent our apartment, we made the decision to go the "one and done" route.  Little Man will be an only child—not counting our dog, Wonder Dog (not his actual name).

I get a lot of comments about that. Most people think that Little Man will miss out on having siblings. But my husband and I want to be able to give him—and us—a better life. We want to be able to take family vacations. We want to save for Little Man's future. So thus the title of this blog. I'm a mom of one—and I'm done!

September 2012 update

We share a home with my disabled parents and my chronically ill brother. It's not an ideal situation, but we got ourselves into it by hoping to save money and help my parents, especially my mother who is wheelchair bound from Parkinson's Disease. Sadly we didn't save and actually went further in debt, but as of NOW we are working to change our lives, our spending habits and our future.


  1. I stumbled on your blog as I was researching my son's brachycephaly, and I can't get over our similarities:

    I met my husband on JDate. In October 2006.
    I was engaged to my husband/moved in with him September 2007.
    Married in summer 2008.
    My son (first kid) was born August 2, 2011.
    He was dx with tort and plagio/brachy at 2 months and is going to phys therapy 2x a week; gets a helmet from Cranial Tech next month.

    So glad I came across your blog, I've found it interesting, entertaining and inspiring!

  2. Wow! I stumbled across your blog on One and Done on facebook. My son was born on August 14, 2005. He just turned 7. This is amazing that are boys were born the same day!! Also, I find it interesting that you chose one and done as did we. Not an easy decision but the right one for a son who struggles with mild autism. Nice to meet you.

  3. Hi Tammy. Sorry I missed this comment. August 14th is a great birthday! And I hope your son is doing well with his struggle. Autism is not an easy thing and I hope you are meeting those challenges well. I am grateful that my son does not fall onto the spectrum, though he does have some sensory issues.