Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Baby is One Month Old!

Well, that was on Monday... but being a sleep-deprived new mom does tend to cut into one's blogging time. I'm somewhat getting used to the sleep deprivation—somewhat. I think I could handle it better if the baby slept in at least 3 hour increments, but he still has no pattern. And he is EXTREMELY hard to burp, so he often spits up after he eats and can have terrible gas pains. And then there's the poop issue... only once a day or every other day. When once a day, he's fine but when it goes to two days, he can get uncomfortable. But I'm told that's normal (the infrequency) and not to worry.

Who tells a new mom NOT to worry?

I know not to worry but following through with that is not an easy feat. In fact, I was once told that a mother ALWAYS worries, no matter how old her child is. So when one's child is one month old and cannot verbalize how he feels, what he needs, etc., one worries.

But, overall, my son is a happy baby who holds his head up (honest!) and smiles and laughs. He has his moments and can be a champion fusser... but he seems to be content most of the time. At least I hope so!

So this first month flew by... it goes SOOOOOO quickly. And while part of me looks forward to the coming months when he sleeps more, is more alert and more active, I know I have to savor every second of this "newborn" stage and just enjoy him.

Here's my son the day he turned one month old.

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  1. He totally looks like his daddy!

    Now if only we could get him to smile...