Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Torticollis/Positional Plagiocephaly Update

McBaby had his first physical therapy session yesterday and the therapist (Mary) made me feel much better. She said the flat head (positional plagiocephaly) was relatively mild and that it was caught early enough to likely correct itself without a helmet. And his Torticollis (shortened neck muscle) isn't too bad, either.

Mary says she usually sees Tort babies around 4 months and it's harder to start a regimen and because Little Man is 2 months, we have a good head start. As for the Plagiocephaly... I need to keep putting him on his tummy and moving his position as much as possible.

We go to PT twice a week for the next 3 weeks and then down to once a week—provided that *I* fully understand how to stretch DS and correctly massage the muscle.

He has a 20 visit per year cap... so luckily it resets in January. The estimate for how long we'll go is 4 months.

DS still needs a hip (and testicular for his Hydrocele) ultrasound to make sure they're OK. Babies with Torticollis often have dislocated hips/issues. While external manipulation shows his hips are fine, both the pediatrician and the therapist wants confirmation.

He's going to a Kessler outpatient facility (if you followed Christopher Reeve's story, you'll know he went to rehab at their main location) and I feel pretty good that we have a handle on it.

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