Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trying to Crawl and Pulling Up

Little Man is TRYING but he's not getting anywhere yet.  He crawls backwards quite well, actually.  On his hands and knees, belly off the floor, but try as he may he isn't getting where he wants to go.  Because of that, he's been quite frustrated and he expresses that with sounds of anger. My happy baby is pissed off because his body isn't doing what he wants. I hope he gets there soon, though if he does we're in trouble because our apartment is poorly babyproofed. Dude and I need to get our acts together.

He is also trying to pull up.  He does this on the crib slats and on my legs. He somewhat lifts himself up but not quite.  It's amazing how fast the changes come.  A few weeks ago he wasn't even trying to crawl and then—BAM—it's like something clicked and he knew what to try. Before I know it, he'll be a year old and walking and talking!

As for talking, he's still only babbling. But his babbles are recognizable.  He'll say dada and mama and baba. He also enjoys saying rara and blah and la.   I don't think he'll be speaking as early as I was (9 months) but he seems quite verbal.  Little Man will be 9 months old next week.  He still only has two teeth and while he's definitely teething, nothing is breaking through.

Big changes are coming.  I just know it.


  1. Wow, he's coming along really well! :) Before you know it he'll be wandering around behind you getting into everything. Hehehe!

    My friend's son started walking a couple of months ago and now the second she takes her eye off him, he's speeding down the hallway towards the bathroom. He has a weird obsession with throwing his toys down the toilet. Gross!

  2. We are at the same place with my 6 month old. I turned around for a few seconds yesterday and he had done his first official crawl Backwards off his play mat and onto the dangerous tile. We work hard to get him to do the forward thing but it just isn't quite happening yet. Arent these milestones great?!