Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Weeks Late... but 18 Month Stats!

Once again, I failed miserably at updating this blog. I don't know how other mom bloggers do it--especially if they also work. I spend most of my time with Little Man and trying to make our house a home (it is... it's just completely disorganized). So I have completely forgotten about blogging and mostly spend time on Facebook. Though I occasionally Tweet on Twitter. But I digress. Stats.

Height: 34 inches
Weight: 27 lb 9 oz
75th percentile for both.

So Little Man is doing well. He's talking more and more--though I don't always understand him. Our pediatrician is pretty laid back and answered all my questions. I'll keep an eye on his speech and if Little Man is NOT speaking in sentences by 21 months, I'll call for an appointment. Otherwise he doesn't go back until he's two. That's surreal. After the last 18 months of going either monthly or every 3 months, we have a 6 month gap. Then, I think, a YEAR'S gap between visits. My baby is such a BOY now.


The photo was taken on January 31st after a snowstorm. Recent enough, I think. Little Man hasn't really changed over the last month. And I ended up taking most of my recent pics on my iPhone. (LOVE it by the way.) I need to get back to documenting things with the little Cannon ELPH I have.

Other stats to share...

Diaper Size: 5!!!!! I can't believe how big he is!
Shoe Size: 6 wide (and he needs more shoes, all the donated ones from family are regular width)
Clothing Size: 24 Month (though he has a short torso and many pants are too long)
Tooth Count: 15 with #16 budding and nearly out (the last pesky canine)
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eye Color: Hazel (Green if he wears green)

And he can count to two. LOL. Uhn. Do!

I guess that's it for today. Until later...


  1. I understand your concern on his speech, but don't let the doctors freak you out over that. My youngest daughter was between the ages of 2 and 3 before she started talking without sounding like the Teletubbies (which I STOPPED her from watching). Also, my niece's little girl was is just now talking REAL good and she's 3. I've always heard, "They'll talk when they have something to say" and that is pretty much true.

    But anyway, just wanted to share my experience with that and tell you he's a cutie. :o)

  2. Oh, he is just too dang cute - just makes you want to cover his rosy cheeks with kisses.

    As far as the speaking, my niece didn't speak sentences until she was 3! She went from responding with a one word answer or pointing to get what she wanted to talking in complete paragraphs. My sister kept on taking her to the doctor for tests (she was born 2 months early) thinking she had a hearing problem. The doctor kept on telling her that there was nothing wrong and that once my niece started talking my sister was probably going to wish she was back to the one word answer. Boy, was the doctor right -- once my niece started talking she never shut up. So don't be too worried about the lack of sentences.