Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speech Worries

Dude is worried about Little Man's speech. He is very concerned that it is not at the level where a 20-month-old should be. I'm not really sure if I should be worried or not. He says words--about 10 to 15 with consistency--but he's not speaking in sentences and the only "new" word of late is rock.

I keep wondering at what point do you call Early Intervention? My pediatrician's office is great and I am going to speak with the doctor to discuss this before "jumping the gun" or panicking. And you keep being told, as a mother, not to compare your child to others. But I don't see how you CAN'T compare. I take Little Man to The Little Gym on Sunday mornings and while he IS the youngest in his class (Beasts: 19 months - 2-1/2 years), it seems at times that he's the only child NOT participating in the "circle" time and he's too busy exploring. But then he DOES come and run with the group and he climbed right onto the parachute last week, so he's improving. Maybe he just needs time.

I think Dude worries too much sometimes. And I think HE thinks I'm too Laissez Faire about milestones. I don't think I am. Usually I'M considered to be the frantic one. But I keep thinking that Little Man is progressing as he should. He's a toddler. He's still a baby in many ways. And he may just need time to get there. Right?

Heck, Little Man didn't walk until the day before 15 months. That wasn't a delay, but it was later than some children. (Though Dude didn't walk until 18 months and I was 17 months.) And I was told by my MIL that Dude didn't talk until he was 2. Neither did my brother. Nor my one cousin. So 20 months and only saying a handful of words isn't TOO odd.

I know that Little Man understands a LOT and hopefully he'll ease our fears shortly. I guess I can't help but worry a little, he's my first child. My only child. I want him to be where he should be. Not "perfect" but at the right level.


  1. I understand the worry thing. If you both feel it is a concern, it doesn't hurt call EI for an assessment at the least. If he qualifies for services to help with speech, it's best to start them now; but if they say he's on track or only a little behind (which to be honest it sounds like he's on track, or at least on the same page as Monkey Child was at the same age), you've had him assessed to ease your mind and unless the EI is different in NJ it shouldn't cost you anything.
    and Little Man is still a little young for the spurt to words to day they go from 20 words to a bunch the next day.

  2. Tim calls Ada "Nell", like the movie with Jodie Foster. I can only say our experience, which is that every time we ask our pedi about Ada lagging in language she gives us that knowing wink and a smile and tells ups not to worry just yet. So we aren't. It's only been in the past couple of weeks that she is picking up a new word daily. I think she is just a hair older than Aaron, no?

  3. Monica, Ada is 2 months older than Aaron. But I'm glad your pedi isn't worried and makes me wonder again if I'm worrying TOO much. Though I did call about having a hearing and speech evaluation for peace of mind. I'll probably schedule for next month, when he's 21 months old.

  4. I think if you do end up doing a day-care/morning program for him that might grow his speech fast too. NOT that there is anything wrong with his not being in daycare or being an only child - but I suspect that that helps the kids with such things... (You know after I AM a doctor and an expert - eye roll) :-)
    Peace of mind is always good though!

  5. I know, that with the Mommy's of the boys in the group that I belong to, that your Aaron is doing exactly what they are.. and they were born in June. They don't talk in sentences like we all say our girls do. They use a handful of words instead of jabbering on and on. The other Mommy's also say that their sons use jibberish a lot, but do understand what is being said. The general concensus is that boys talk later than girls and that they don't normally start to talk a lot until they're 2. I don't know that I'd worry yet. Geez, some of the kids in the June group are already potty-trained, and while Emma is good about it, we're not completely there yet.

    I do think it helps that Emma is around a lot of kids and grown-ups all day. She likes to follow and learn what they're doing, and I legitimately think it helps her. Can you guys look into something like that? A daycare of sorts for a couple hours a day? I know my daycare is teaching the older kids to count and Emma has already picked that up. I was proud of her, but I know that if she was just home with me, she wouldn't know how because I honestly would never think of it? Does that make sense?

    I wouldn't worry yet. I really, really wouldn't.

  6. I also was going to say that Emma didn't start talking in sentences until she was at least 21 months. And we're not talking 4 word sentences, Robyn. Simple ones, like "Mommy, up!" or "More milk!". The newest one is "Mommy, hold" when she wants me to hold her cup for her or something. But she normally starts her sentences with "want".. "want snack", "want milk", "no, milk, want juice".. stuff like that. But yeah.. She wasn't doing it at 20 mos old I don't think. I'd have to go check my FB statuses.. lol