Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Man Napped in the Crib

For two hours this afternoon/evening. I can hardly believe it!

I tried to nap myself, but was unable to fall asleep. I hate when that happens—and it happens quite often. I think if I were able to fall asleep easier, I'd be more rested since Little Man does sleep in 4-5 hour stretches at night.

Now I just don't know if I should wake him up to feed him so he'll sleep tonight or if I should let him sleep so when Dude gets home from work we can eat our dinner in peace.

I'll probably let him sleep even if it means I'll be up all night (and with work tomorrow that will SUCK) because I'd like to eat dinner with both my hands. But figuring this stuff out is not easy. On my last post, Debbie said we analyze ourselves away from what is instinctive. My instincts say: Let Little Man sleep. So I will.


  1. I think it's always best to just do what you're gut tells you. When my niece was first adopted she slept very intermittently and woke up many times in the night crying to be held, so my sister used to let her sleep during the day if she fell asleep, for as long as it lasted.

  2. Don't wake a sleeping baby if you can help it. If Emma falls asleep in the evening around 6:30 and stays asleep, usually around 8:30 I'll make a bottle, get her up, change her into pj's and change her diaper and feed her. It never wakes her up enough to be up and she'll just keep on sleeping with a full tummy.

    I read this in a book, and I can't think of which one.. It's the dream feed. But I've had to do it somewhat regularly the last couple weeks and it's been fine. So if you have to do that, be my guest. It was either in BabyWise (which I didn't like) or Happy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child (which I took some advice from.)

    I figure she was just catching up on sleep.

    And eating with both hands at the same time.. I don't know what that's like. :)

    It's the crappy part of motherhood that no one can tell you exactly what's best for your baby. I ask Pat for input and he goes "You know her best." So I just do what I hope is the right thing, and honestly, it normally is.