Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting DOC Band #2

Being the assertive Aries that I am, I have convinced Dude to get Little Man a second helmet to get his head shape closer to the "mean".  He has done amazingly well so far—his cephalic index (measurement of brachycephaly) went from 100% to 92.2% in only six weeks.  The mean is 78%.  I had Cranial Technologies do a 2nd photo study and take measurements last Thursday.  I'm not going to bore you with the other numbers, but I will say that his CVA (cranial vault index) also decreased from 6 mm to 4 mm.  That was the mild plagiocephaly he also has on his left side.

Here are the photos. Pics on the left were taken 3 weeks before he got his DOC Band (on 12/23/09).  Something spooked him, so he was SOBBING and, thus, looks so sad in the second set of photos.

While the financial burden is going to be hard to handle, I know I'm doing the best for Little Man.  Our future may include fantastic jobs and our situation can change. But there is only a short window of time to correct my baby's head shape.

I should try to blog about something else, but getting my son's head reshaped has been my main focus of late.


  1. Robyn the difference is amazing. Before I couldn't really tell, but this time? It's amazing!

    I think you're doing the right thing with the second DOC band. I think that in your heart, you know what's best for him, even though the cost is high. I honestly would do the same thing for Emma. Whatever she needed, I would find a way.

    And in the first picture, the crying one? He looks so much like you.. So cute! I had to laugh and go wow, he looks SO MUCH like Robyn in that pic!

  2. Thanks, Kate. And you’re one of only a very few who think Little Man looks even a BIT like me. Everyone else says he’s my husband’s clone. So thanks for that, too.

  3. Emma is Pat's clone too, so anytime someone says she looks like me, I go, Huh?? And then all excited "You think so??" :) I just see Pat.

    I understand that one all too well.