Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Night (and Morning) in the Life...

Last night, around 2:00 am, Little Man was crying in his sleep because he couldn't find his pacifier (we call it a noonie because that's what Dude called his as a baby). He generally feels around in his crib and then pops it in his mouth and falls back into a deep sleep.  I often hear him whimpering and watch this on the video monitor.

But last night he couldn't find it and so I went into his room and moved him (he'd rolled on top of it) to put it in his mouth. But when I moved him, I felt that he was sopping wet. He'd peed through his diaper, pajamas and sleep sack.

The dilemma!

He was ASLEEP. But I couldn't let him sleep in soaking wet clothes (sheets were dry, peed up front). So I tried to change Little Man in his sleep without waking him.

No go! He woke up SCREAMING!

He wailed throughout the diaper change as I fumbled in the dark, only lit by a night light. Then he sniffled and snuffled for about 15 minutes as I rocked him back to sleep in the glider.

I went back into my bedroom and Dude was like "what was that all about?" When I told him he'd peed through he was like well you had to change him and we both went back to sleep.

Little Man kvetched again at 5:45 am, but I easily popped in his pacifier and then he slept until nearly 7.  I changed him, gave him his bottle and he was rubbing his eyes. He was still tired. So I put him back in his crib but he was having none of that this morning! He just wanted to be HELD! So I rocked with him in the glider for about a half hour. I thought, how often in life will he want me like this? So I held him and he's sleeping again and now I'll get my day started.

And he's teething, no less.  Top right center tooth and two more bottom teeth (that I can see). Haven't poked out of the gums yet... but soon!

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