Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Man Got Burned

I haven't been feeling up to blogging about this before now.  Plus Dude asked me NOT to put this on Facebook—so if you know me IRL and are a FB friend, please do not post about this. Thank you.

First off, Little Man is doing OK and should completely recover.  He has a 2nd degree burn on his left foot.   Here's how it happened.

Monday night we were at my MIL's home for Passover.  The Seder was nice (too long for us, however) and after dinner the family brought out a cake for my birthday, which is next Wednesday. After we had cake (Kosher for Passover, by the way), my MIL was holding Little Man as Dude and I were packing up the diaper bag and gathering items to put in the car.

Then I heard the most AWFUL shrieking.  At first I couldn't understand why he was crying so.

Apparently when my MIL wasn't looking, my SIL (Aunt S) put a cup of hot coffee in front of her at the table and Little Man pulled the tablecloth and scalding hot, black coffee poured on his left leg and foot. He was not wearing socks but was wearing pants. My SIL got the pants off and ran him to the kitchen and began to run his leg under cold water.

I took over while SIL called our pediatrician (we go to the same one). As I splashed cold water over his leg and foot, he screamed even louder and was in hysterics. Then his foot began to blister and I asked my MIL to call 911.  They arrived within minutes, but it seemed like forever.

The EMTs agreed he needed to go to the hospital (a 2nd degree burn) so Dude loaded Little Man's carseat in the ambulance and I went with him—DH followed.  We got to the local hospital (no burn unit) because it was contained to his foot. Little Man was hysterical crying the entire time. It was so awful  The EMT kept the oxygen near him (from the tube, the mask scared him) and that helped a bit.

I actually knew one of the medical techs (from his day job) and the ER pedi was so good. But they  basically just dressed the burn—put a cream on it and wrapped his foot (2nd degree burn) and leg (bad 1st degree) and gave me a sleeve to cover it.  We were given the number of the Burn Center at another hospital and were told to make an appointment for Tuesday.

Before we left the ER, they gave Little Man Motrin and Tylenol with Codeine.  He slept for the ride home and when we got into our apt. he was actually awake and pretty cheerful.  He slept OK, only waking up once when his pacifier came out and I didn't have to give him more painkillers.

I slept terribly, of course.

On Tuesday morning, I called the burn unit at the other hospital and made an appointment for 2:45 pm.  Dude stayed home from work to go with us.  The doctor who saw Little Man said the burn was mostly concerning due to Little Man's young age otherwise it would be a minor 2nd degree burn.  She basically told us to keep it clean (he can have baths) and to dress the burn daily.  The cream that was prescribed is Silvadene Cream (Silver sulfadiazine) and in an odd twist of fate, I may be allergic to it so I have to wear gloves when handling it.

We didn't change the bandage on Tuesday, since the nurse at the burn unit had, but we did the last two nights and Little Man is NOT happy when we do so. It's so pitiful listening to him cry in pain—even more so because he seldom did before. When he cried it was hunger or "pick me up" but never a pained cry.  But overall he is doing well and seems to be his normal, cheerful self.  Only with a large bandage on his left foot/leg.

We go back for a follow-up visit on Tuesday before we leave for our family vacation (to celebrate my 40th birthday) and the doctor said it would take 2-3 weeks to heal and then 2-3 months for the new skin to lose its redness. She did not think he'd have a raised scar but he may have skin discoloration.

It's been a very stressful week.  Beyond our fear for our son, we now have medical bills (ambulance ride, ER visit and burn doctor, even though we're filing a claim) and a baby who is not comfortable.  The last week of my 30s aren't ending as I had hoped. But I am so grateful that it wasn't worse.


  1. Hi... I don't know if you remember me - I used to post on the NR messageboard sometimes, my login was cyndita, and my avatar was a small blue butterfly (I saw the link to your blog there).

    Anyway, I wanted to post because just a few hours after I read this yesterday, I burned my finger on a 400 degree oven rack (I'm a bit of a clutz) - I spent the next three hours with a bag of ice on my finger, and I kept thinking about poor little man, burns are so painful!

    I hope your little man is feeling much better now, and I'm so glad that it wasn't worse!!!

    Happy early birthday!

  2. Of course I remember you, Cindy. I hope you are doing well—besides the burn, that is! Ow! Several years ago I badly burned my right hand on the top coil of a toaster oven (also a 2nd degree, like my son). Not fun.

    Little Man is doing OK except for during bandage changes. Then he screams bloody murder!

  3. Poor Aaron - Cindy has it right, burns really hurt :(
    how is he doing? And how are you doing??

  4. Monica, we're doing much better now. Of course now Little Man is not sleeping... never a dull moment.

  5. Oh Robyn! I'm so sorry that happened to Little Man!!! How scary - but it sounds like you handled it the very best way that you could, and of course things are ok now. I just wanted you to know that I was sending you both a big e-hug!!! {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}