Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family Vacation

Last Tuesday after Little Man's follow-up visit at the burn unit (did fabulously and is healing nicely and does not need to go back) we headed up to Newport, Rhode Island for our first family vacation to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Dude's car was jam-packed with suitcases, baby gear, etc. It is NOT easy to travel with a baby in a Volkswagen Jetta!

But the trip was fun.  Rhode Island was the only state on the East Coast that I had not been to, so that's why we chose it. The weather was GORGEOUS. Sunny and in the 70's for much of our trip. Very rare for the first week of April. Heck, it's even snowed on my birthday in the past. But not this year. Yay for me.

Little Man did very well on the trip. He slept in the car for most of the drive and was fine when he was awake.  The main issue we had was sleeping at night—and it's continued since our return.  The hotels provide a "port-a-crib" (a pack-n-play/playard) and Little Man does NOT sleep well in them.  But we managed to put him down each night but then he'd wake up SCREAMING and would not go back to sleep. Finally, out of exhaustion, I put him in bed between Dude and I.  That happened each night.

Of course when we got home on Saturday night, he would not sleep.

Dude, out of frustration, said to me: "That's what you get for letting a baby sleep with you!"

I sobbed. I was so hurt and upset and tired.  I didn't know what to do and letting Little Man sleep with us allowed ME to sleep for a bit. I cannot function without at least SOME sleep.

The last 3 nights have not been much better.  He keeps waking and it's not easy to get him back down. I'm not sure if it's the travel, teething or if he's having nightmares from being burned. But what I do know is that I'm seriously tired and am getting worried about commuting to work now. I'm finding it hard to stay awake in the afternoon.

But, overall, we had a fun vacation and I'm so glad we went away.  Little Man was just so good and friendly at all the restaurants—he charmed everyone he met. And he loved the fish and the sea lions at the Mystic Aquarium—we stayed in Mystic on Friday night, yet another place I hadn't been.  Plus he adored swimming in the hotel pool in Newport. I can't wait to start swim lessons with him.

Here's the one and only family photo from our trip (there are pics of Dude with Little Man and me with him, but just the one of the 3 of us) that was taken at night by the lighthouse on Goat Island, where we stayed. Self-timers are great things!


  1. Robyn,

    I'm glad you guys had a good trip. I know what you mean about Aaron not sleeping well in the hotel. I don't think it was the pack-n-play as much as it was the unfamiliar surroundings and him wanting his security blanket (you ;)). Emma did that to us when we took her and stayed in a hotel for a couple nights, and she always ended up between us in the big bed.. and that's how she slept, and that's how I slept too.

    I think he's probably just transitioning now that you guys are home. It's not your fault for letting him sleep in the bed. His schedule was disrupted, his sleep was disrupted. It takes time, just like it does us adults.

    I don't think babies can have nightmares, but that's my personal opinion..

    I know when Emma wakes up constantly in the middle of the night it's normally for a couple reasons that I can rule out.. Teething, sick, or hungry. And in your case, maybe teething and more than likely it's the travel. It's an adjustment.

    I hope you guys get some sleep soon.. Lack of sleep is NOT fun.

  2. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed the vacation. The family pic is cute! :) I hope Aaron sleeps a little better tonight so you can get some rest.

    A bit late, I know, but in regards to your last post; when my niece was pretty much the same age as Aaron, she also got a burn on her left leg when Anna-Mai accidentally kicked over a cup of boiled water. Same thing really... second-degree burns, lots of cream and a bandage for a few weeks. My sister felt horribly guilty because she had been holding the baby (so guilty that she didn't even mention for three days that she'd also been burned on her hip!) but these things happen. Long story short, it all healed up and even though Anna-Mai has a scar on her leg it's not really that noticeable anymore. In fact, I'd say the only reason it IS noticeable is because she's Asian so her skin is a little darker than the scar at the moment.

    Anyway, I know she was a bit fussy for a few days after the accident but we put it down to teething problems, because she had a couple coming in then. So I'm sure your little guy isn't having nightmares or anything, don't worry. :) It's probably the teeth as well.

    Sorry that was a bit long! LOL!