Thursday, June 10, 2010


Due to a mix of utter exhaustion and forgetfulness, it's been several weeks since I've updated my blog.  So hello. I'm doing OK.  Still stressed but I seem to be handling it. Unless you count the utter exhaustion. But that's also due to chasing after a crawling dynamo!

Little Man is FAST!  And he's drawn to danger. He goes straight to the carbon monoxide detector in our condo.  At the office, he is fascinated by the envelopes (which I've since moved) and crawling under my desk.  When he does that, he often scrapes his head. I'm NOT a fan of that. Nor am I a fan of his newest talent: temper tantrums.  Who'd have thought a 10-month-old (almost!) would have them already? I thought I had a year before that would start!  So being a mom of an active infant is not easy. It's worth it... but it's a job.

While I've been busy the last couple of weekends, there really isn't anything new going on. I spent the day alone last Saturday when I went to a dear friend's engagement party. I almost canceled because I knew the trip would be too much (in one day) for Little Man but when faced with the reality of how my actions hurt my friend, I went alone—and had a nice time. I'm glad I went because my friend is a wonderful person and I'm so happy for her.  Dude stayed home with Little Man, who apparently refused to nap. So I guess it was a good thing he stayed home, as he got cranky from lack of sleep.  The next day, I mostly crashed. It was a long drive to the party (even though the traffic gods were kind to me) and then this week has just dragged—even though I worked from home on Tuesday afternoon.

I just want to feel rested again.  I don't know if I ever will.  I truly can't imagine having more than one child and running after two or more.  For my mom friends who DO have more than one, you are superheroes to me.  I'm actually quite content with my choice to have just one.  He's wonderful but he's enough.


  1. Sleep will come soon enough! Hang in there... enjoy the ride as they sure do grow fast.

  2. Ah, the tantrums begin. I think it's because babies are only learning to talk and they become easily frustrated because they can't express exactly what they want. Also, I'm willing to bet there are plenty more interesting places he wants to crawl to that he has to be rescued from! Always a disappointment to the adventurous baby, hehe!

    I'm glad you got to go to your friend's engagement party. :) And don't worry, even my sister found that it got easier after the one year mark, to find time to sleep and to be more free to go out and about with the little one.