Friday, September 9, 2011

Just when you get used to something

Your toddler mixes it all up!

Tonight Little Man wanted to watch "Mou" (ie. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and not get ready for bed. He climbed up the stairs, ran to my bedroom and made my husband put him in our bed and he pointed at the TV and asked, again, for "Mou."

I've said before that Little Man watches far too much TV. Part of it is laziness on my part. Part of it is because of how overwhelmed I am by everything in my life and it's easier to allow him to watch a few shows so I can get dinner ready, have a cup of coffee or even read a newspaper. But it's become a bit of an addiction when it comes to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So bedtime tonight was rough. He did NOT want to go to sleep.

Dude got him down and for a few minutes, he was quiet. But eventually there was crying and calling out for Mama (and Dada). Please get me out of bed and take me with you. OK, he didn't say that because his speech isn't that evolved yet. But I knew what he wanted.

So I picked him up and rocked him on the glider. He snuggled in and I rubbed his head. When I stopped, he took my hand and guided it to his head and said "Head." He wanted more. After a few minutes, I said he had to go to bed (it was around 8:45 pm, later than he usually goes to sleep) and he resisted but eventually put his head down. It's been about 15 minutes now and I hope he is sleeping. I don't hear anything, so that's a good sign.

I know he won't always sleep well. Heck, I haven't slept well all week! But you get used to a "good sleeper" and when he's not, it throws you off.


  1. i'm not a fan of Lovie watching TV but it's become a must every single day when we get home from work and school. and lately, i've found she's become a bit addicted-like as well. i learned to start warning her about bedtime at the start of the last show (blues clues) and keep reminding her as the show goes on. then we take our time reading stories and putting her down. but yeah, we had some ROUGH nights before i figured out about having to warn her about bedtime (and ALWAYS following thru). also, i've had to tell her that a show had to go night-night when i couldn't bear to watch it again.

  2. Thus far that seems to have been a one-time deal. Or at least I hope so! I've been trying to keep him occupied (when I can't play with him) with his toys and books more often.

  3. My Little Man LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Every time the Hotdog song comes on he starts dancing and laughing.
    I love your blog... I found ya on Top Mommy Blogs :)

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Tiffanie. I'm glad you found my blog. :) And my Little Man is definitely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obsessed. The only other TV shows that elicit a similar response are Blue's Clues and Dora.