Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh, Osh Kosh...

What B'Gosh were you thinking???

Why did you stop carrying size 2T in your stores?  I'm told you stopped making it all together but I see it listed online on your size chart. But I don't see it as a choice when buying clothing.

Size             Height           Weight
24 Month    32.5 - 34"       27.5 - 30 lb
2T               34.5 - 37"       24-29 lb  (why less than 24 month)
3T               37 - 39.5"       29-33 lb

Please explain your sizing? How does my son (36" tall, 31 lb) wear your clothing?  The size 3T is right for weight but he has short legs. So a 2T would be good for length. But since I can't BUY 2T in stores, he gets 3T — which runs very large on him.

It's funny seeing a jump from 34 to 37 inches.  What do kids who are 35/36 inches do? Get pants that are at least 2 inches long? I guess so.  That's what I had to do when I bought his "Mr. Conductor" overalls this morning.

I still like your product and eventually Little Man will fit into your clothes. But, in the meantime, he'll be wearing super long pants.


  1. I hear you. Adrian needs 3T bc of his weight but the pants are super long on him. I guess we'll be rolling them up for a while! Every brand has different weight and height ranges too... So confusing!!

  2. Yeah, it is confusing. But I guess it makes sense. I mean I know when I shop at Loft their clothes run big. Little Man is definitely in size 3 now.