Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Molar Mayhem

They're here!

Oy vey.

The two year molars finally arrived—and with a vengeance. Little Man was an absolute beast on Thanksgiving morning. I left him to Dude, so I could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I pretty much disappeared with my coffee for an hour or so. Then I did some work around the house and it was lunchtime but it was too late... we didn't feed Little Man fast enough and he had a MAJOR meltdown. Then Dude had one and he yelled at our son, and put him to bed without his lunch.  I wasn't too happy about that, so I headed to the supermarket to pick up a fruit platter to take to my sister-in-law's house (for Thanksgiving dinner) and when I came back, I just went into the bedroom and took a nap.

When Little Man woke up, he was STARVING and, thus, even crankier than before. It took a good hour to calm him down and feed him some yogurt and blueberries. But he did calm down and we had a nice Thanksgiving with my husband's family. My parents and brother stayed home, since my mom's depression and my brother's chronic pain caused them to be hermits. I feel bad for my dad, but he wasn't going to leave them alone.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving?  When Little Man found my nephew's unattended piece of chocolate cake (for Dude's older brother's birthday) and just started chowing down! Nobody was looking... there was cake... why not?


Friday was BUSY busy BUSY.  We moved toys and furniture from my office back home. Since I'll need a desk and chair, we had to move it.  We also moved a bookshelf so I can finally, after 11 months, unpack my book collection. I miss my books. And Little Man's room was rearranged but he seems happy to have his train table and kitchen in his bedroom.

He was happier on Friday but still had some cranky moments. And LOTS of chewing.

Saturday he was COUGHING nonstop! And sneezing. And just miserable. And since he'd had a sinus infection only a few weeks ago, we took him to the pediatrician. She told us that he was cutting 3 of his 4 two-year molars at once!  Poor kiddo.  That explained a lot.

So since then he's basically had his "me me" in his mouth whenever he can get away with it (me me = pacifier) and he is eating apple slices like there is no tomorrow. Apples must be nice and cold and hard on those new teeth.

At least we're nearly done. Only one more tooth to come and we're all done with teething. Yay.

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