Friday, November 18, 2011

November: Almost Gone

I've only blogged once this month. There are various reasons why. One is that work sucks and my career path is in jeopardy. Two is that I've been sick with two sinus infections. There is that Little Man has been sick with a sinus infection as well. Add allergy testing and familial issues to the mix... well, that equals one SweetNJMom with little time to blog. That would be me.

So the quick highlights of November... starting with the biggie from earlier this week. Little Man does not fall onto the Autism Spectrum and "just" has a language delay. We took him to a developmental pediatrician (cost to us to be determined later) and she felt that he was "delightful" and that while he does have some sensory issues, he should outgrow them. She did feel it was good that he was in EI and getting therapy but that, overall, he's a bright, happy child who should catch up given time.

Other November highlights...

  • Falling asleep on the sofa and waking up to see Little Man shirtless
  • Going to Nordstrom and finding out that Little Man is a size 9.5 medium now (his old shoes were 8 wide!)
  • Hearing Little Man say his name (sort of) for the first time
  • Getting a kiss from my son
  • Watching my child hug his classmates and dance to "Ring-Around-the-Rosie"

He's now 2-1/4 and time is going by SO fast! My Little Man weighs 33 lb and is firmly wearing size 3T clothing. He looks like a BOY more than a baby. I can understand why mothers yearn for a new baby around this time. It's there, a bit, in the back of my mind. But then I think of how much I love my child and how I want so many other things for his life—as well as mine and Dude's—and that thought passes quickly.

I think it's because November is an important month for me. I was engaged on November 1, 2007. Little Man was conceived in November in 2008. And November truly marks, to me, the change from warmth to cold. From light to dark. This November is bringing more dark than light to my life but I hope as the season changes, life will also do so, and for the better.

I'll try to be better with my blog. Not that I have many followers, but at the very least for myself.


  1. Yay, you're back! And this is, by far, the best time of year.

  2. I'm glad you found out that Aaron is not on the Autistic spectrum.. I really, truly didn't think he was. :)