Friday, September 7, 2012


My son will be 37 months next week, and I usually do not think in terms of months now, but it's relevant to this topic, and he is NOT potty trained.  There, I said it. My 3-year-old son wears size 6 Huggies Little Movers and Overnites. He will pee on the potty if I put him there, but he has only told me and my husband twice that he has to go BEFORE he actually goes. As for poop... well he definitely knows he has to go, but he refuses to go in the toilet and insists for his diaper.

I know you cannot force this, but I am getting a bit anxious. I am currently unemployed and, therefore, have the time to potty train him. But if he isn't really "into" it, how do you do that? And when I DO get a job (had a promising interview yesterday for a temp to perm position), will those changes—going to daycare full time for the first time ever, me being gone before he wakes in the morning—ruin the small potty progress we've had so far?

At least he gets excited to have a new sticker on the potty chart I created for him, right?

Slow and steady...  he'll pee pee (and poop) when he's ready.


  1. Don't feel bad -- my daughter was 46 months (!!!) when we potty trained her over this past holiday weekend. And yes, she wore size 6 Little Movers and size 5 overnights. Your son will get there. And if you get desperate like we did, you can always do the long weekend thing. I was amazed at how well it worked.

  2. Thanks, Kristel. We are not doing the boot camp deal yet but will consider it during whatever next holiday weekend I have. I'll figure it out as he doesn't seem to be that motivated yet and I am loathe to push TOO hard.