Thursday, February 28, 2013

Farewell February

The shortest month was a busy one, overall. Snowstorms. Potty training. Ice Cream Parties. It went so fast, yet it seems like it was forever. Last month at this time, we were preparing to pack away the pull-ups and now I have a fully potty-trained (and night trained!) little boy.  Farewell to my toddler, he is fully a PRESCHOOLER now. Little Man is three and a HALF now.

Though as much as he's a big boy, I am grateful that he still wants to snuggle with Mommy and sit on my lap. He is going through so many changes that I think he's occasionally struggling to adjust. He still needs work with sharing and taking turns. He has been more independent and will goof off at daycare (ie. make noise during nap/quiet time). He also has taken to hitting and shoving, which I'm not too pleased with. Thankfully his daycare teachers seem to understand that it's partially the age. And I feel better knowing that other children in his Chipmunk Class are doing this too.

Here is my silly boy waving around a slide whistle the other day.

Our other news is that we're planning a Fall vacation to Disney World! I won't say what dates exactly, but we're very excited for our first true family vacation and Little Man's first plane ride. I hope it goes well and I have many months to prepare for this. My son absolutely adores everything Disney. From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Little Einsteins to Jake and the Neverland Pirates to Doc McStuffins and the new show, Sofia the First. He loves Winnie the Pooh and, of course, TOY STORY. I think his head will explode when he sees Cinderella's Castle for the first time.

Over the coming months, I'm sure I'll be sharing plans on my blog. If anyone has advice or tips about traveling with a preschooler, please share. We know it's a big trip and that there is a lot involved. We're thrilled that we will be staying at a Disney resort (Port Orleans Riverside) and hope the trip will be as magical as we think. 

Next week, we go for follow-ups at the pediatric ENT and for our (his) first dental visit. The first was postponed due to the blizzard. I'm actually quite concerned that Little Man has a cavity. I'll find out for sure next week and will update with a post first dentist visit blog post--assuming it doesn't snow next week, which is a possibility.

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