Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy HALF Birthday!

Little Man is 3-1/2!

And he was potty trained BEFORE he turned 3-1/2!


He's done really well the last two weeks. He hasn't had any daytime accidents beyond peeing on his leg/pants when he was sitting on the little toilet in daycare. At night, he's had two pee accidents where I think he wakes himself before he floods the bed. But he is very upset when it's happened and he's called out very sadly "Mama, I'm wet. Help."

My poor kiddo doesn't like being wet.  Who does?

So we (and by we, I mean my husband) have been rousing Little Man around 10:30 PM for a "dream pee" per my sister-in-law's experience with my nephews. It works 90% of the time. One night he had his accident, he had actually peed at 10:30 but I guess he had more. But most times it holds him until he wakes.  Though there are nights, like last night, when he doesn't have to pee and gets all cranky that we've pulled him out of a sound sleep and into the bathroom to pee on command. It doesn't happen that way for most people, so why would it for a newly potty trained three-and-a-half year old?

Being newly potty trained also means wanting to call his grandparents whenever he makes a big poop in the toilet. Or announcing that he's done whatever when we are out at a restaurant. Fun times indeed. But he's proud of his accomplishment. Heck, so am I.

We have an "Ice Cream Party" planned for this weekend. Postponed from the prior, when we got a fair amount of snow. We didn't get the blizzard that New England and Long Island, NY did. But ten inches of snow isn't too shabby. So no sundaes with the cousins and extended family last week. But soon... we hope!

Today was Valentine's Day (and Little Man's half birthday, as February 14th is 6 months from August 14th). He had a party at daycare and gorged himself on Munckins and other sweets. Apparently all the kiddos in his class were in a sugar high for much of the day. Therefore I am not giving him his little Valentine from me (actually I forgot) until tomorrow.

I can hardly believe that 4 years ago this month, I still hadn't felt him move and didn't know for certain that I was having a boy (though I had a feeling) and now my Little Man is a BOY. He's not a toddler any longer. He's my little boy. Though, thankfully, he still is little and loves snuggles and kisses and hugs. My sweet little one... Happy Half Birthday and Valentine's Day.

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