Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catching Up

Where to begin? It's been a good two months since I've actually posted something of interest. I guess I'll break the months down in sections and go from there, because a lot has happened.


In our case it came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. Yikes. We finally made it to the dentist for Little Man's first check-up and it wasn't that great. He wasn't a fan of the chair and sat ON me the entire time. The x-rays weren't easy to get. Then I find out that Little Man has four cavities. FOUR! So I make appointments for him to get fillings. Fun times.

The first issue was my dog Casey and the chicken bones. He got into the garbage and the rotisserie chicken carcass. He ate the entire thing. After diarrhea and vomiting, I took him to the vet. He had gastritis and got meds (and lots of blood work, as he also has canine kidney disease). A quick $300 later and he recovered. But honestly I was worried. He was a very sick dog for a few days.

Then the week before Passover/Easter we had the "mystery illness."  He had a fever ranging from 100.7 to 102 for a full week. I ended up using 3 out of my 5 annual sick days (that I only got in March, after 3 months of employment) and my husband was off on Good Friday, when he finally felt better BUT came down with an ear infection.

Since Little Man has tubes, we did antibiotic ear drops (Ciprodex) but they did nothing. Took him back to the pediatrician and he got a prescription for a Z-pack. That finally did the trick and I made an appointment with his ENT for mid-April to follow up.  More on that later.


That first Monday, after Little Man was finally better, I felt awful. I went to work with a fever. Bad call, but I only had 2 sick days left and felt like I could handle it. That evening I even went to my allergist for a check-up. But by dinnertime I felt AWFUL and my throat was on FIRE.  I had a 103 fever and felt like death. Of course sick day #4 was taken on Tuesday and I wen to my primary care doctor.

Strept Throat. That sucked. And led to sick day #5 (of 5) being taken on Wednesday. Plus a bad reaction the the generic Biaxin I was taking for the antibiotic. A switch to a sulfa drug did the trick, but I was on antibiotics for 12 days and that wasn't fun. Thank goodness my boss is a nice guy and gets that life happens. I am so grateful for being hired there.

Then Little Man's appointment with his ENT came on April 24th.  Apparently the one tube in his left ear (the one that got infected) partially came out and wasn't functioning. Plus I found out that his adenoids and tonsils are so large that he is unable to breathe through his nose. And he had another hearing test and he has loss in that one ear of >25 decibels. So the recommendation was another Myringotomy (tubes) and surgery to remove his Tonsils and Adenoids.

I have to admit that I'm freaking out a bit. I've read that the recovery from a tonsillectomy is NOT easy. And I'm expecting the worst. I'll post more about that later and probably will keep a record of his recovery. Surgery is set for June 10th.

We ended the month a bit better, with a trip to the Bronx Zoo. We're members and we go as often as we can. Little Man loves animals.


So far so good.

It was my husband's birthday. We saw Iron Man 3. We're planning our Fall vacation to Walt Disney World. I'm hoping this month is a good one.

I guess tha't all for now.  Sorry for hiatus again. I always start out with good intentions of blogging but then never follow through.


  1. Tonsillectomy isn't so bad to recover from when he's still this little. The boredom is what is more annoying than the actual pain, to be honest. The littler he is when they do it, the shorter the recovery time and it's a LOT less risky. He's an otherwise healthy kid, too, which will help. :-) Just stock up on lots of clear or non-red popsicles, crayons and art supplies he likes, and ask them if they have the glue/blood product that can go over the areas that are left open after removal, it can speed recovery time; sort of like putting superglue over a cut to help it be protected and heal without a scar.

  2. Thanks. Though everyone I've spoken to says it's a rough 14 day recovery. I'm prepared at least. And I'll have to write another post this week to go over his other dental visits. All 4 cavities have been filled but it was NOT easy.