Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lot of Updates

Wow. Last time I posted was after Little Man's 4th birthday.  I've been SO busy and honestly completely forgot about my blog.  So here is the quick rundown of the last 3 months.

Little Man started in the Pre-K class at his daycare. There are 3 groups of children and he is in the smallest group. I wasn't thrilled with how the students were split and still have some issues. He had a LOT of behavioral problems just after he turned 4. Defiance. Hitting and spitting at his teacher. Stomping his feet and being naughty. But... we made a sticker chart and reward him when he's had a good day. Now he is mostly well behaved. He has his off days, but I cannot expect perfection.

He also started soccer with the town's league, which has a Pre-K group. I won't say he is athletic, but he has been trying (some other children just cry and won't even go on the soccer field). This coming Saturday is the last game. I probably won't do this again until he's a bit older. But it's been fun.

He chose #4 because he's 4!
The month of birthday parties! Many of Little Man's friends have October birthdays. He had a blast at all of them. We went pumpkin picking and he also went with his daycare. We saw a new movie in the theaters--Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. And Little Man was a Minion for Halloween. Surprised? He still quite likes minions and Despicable Me. Here he is!

"Minion Dave" for Halloween 2013
Well, I know it's only the 7th today but this month is BIG for my little guy. First he can READ!  Small words so far, but he's reading!!  And we are going to Walt Disney World next week! He is SO excited (heck, I'M excited). We got the Fall Free Dining promotion. And we're testing their new "Magic Bands" and staying on Disney property. I'll share pics and blog about the trip when we're back. Hoping for nice weather, low crowds and a happy 4-year-old.

Until Mid November...

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