Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Man is FOUR

My son has gone from baby to toddler to BOY.  He is a four-year-old boy! It's crazy how FAST it went. And I know he's still a little boy with a lot to learn... but I can hardly comprehend how my baby is not a baby any more. Though he thankfully still loves to cuddle with Mama and occasionally asks to be rocked to sleep. I love those moments and savor every snuggle.

And Little Man also had his first party with "school friends."  About 7 children from his daycare came to his party--along with our friends' daughter, who is 5 months younger--which was held at a local indoor play space thanks to a purchase from Groupon. It still ended up costing me $400 total (including all food) because I had to pay for additional children at $20 a pop... but my husband and I agreed it was worth it to see the pure joy in our son's face. He was SO happy to be the Birthday Boy. He even got a crown to wear.

I kept wondering about a theme. When I sent out the invites, he was getting into Monster's University so the invites and thank you's were with those images. But when it came to a birthday cake, he decided he wanted a MINION cake.

If you don't know minions, they are from Despicable Me 2 (and the original) and they are super cute little yellow guys who speak gibberish and wear goggles.

He LOVES them!

However, finding a cake at supermarket with the minions was impossible. They didn't have the DecoSet available. But I went to the DecoPac online store and downloaded the information on how to make a minion cake and purchase the set on Amazon. I brought it to my local Shop Rite and they were able to make the cake perfectly!

The cake looked just like this, with "Happy 4th Birthday Little Man" in yellow icing.

It tasted delicious as well!  Mmmm....

This Friday is Little Man's 4 year well visit. He gets 3 shots--boo!--but I promised him ice cream after. I'll report back with stats later. I expect him to be close to 42" and weigh around 40 lb. We'll see if I'm right.

Here's a pic of the family from his birthday.

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