Monday, August 31, 2009

The First Two Weeks

Flew by SO fast. That first week when my hubby and I were so overwhelmed by the baby, who wasn't sleeping and was so fussy and miserable seems so long ago. Then on August 21st, McBaby had his Bris and we hired a baby nurse (the wonderful Yvonne) for a week. My husband and I both SLEPT for a week. He slept through the night but I still heard my baby cry and did wake up to check in on him during the night (but left the care to Yvonne). We discovered he was gassy/fussy and switched his formula from the Enfamil Premium Lipil to the Enfamil Gentlease. It's helped with the gas, but now he's not pooping.

Sorry about that commentary, folks. But my son's bodily functions are very much on my mind these days. I'm so involved in his pee, poop, spit up, etc. that it's somewhat frightening. But his pooping is a sign of health, so if he doesn't poop by 6 pm today I actually have to call his pediatrician's office again. (I call a lot; new mom questions etc.)

But the baby is thriving. Here are his stats.

Weight 9 lb
Length 20.5 inches

2 DAYS (left hospital)
Weight: 8 lb 5 oz
Length: same
Bili Level: 9.6

3 DAYS (1st Pediatrician Visit)
Weight: 8 lb 4 oz
Length: same
Bili Level: LabCorp didn't send results, had to retest the next day at the local hospital


5 DAYS (Follow-Up due to Jaundice/Lab Mix Up)
Weight: 8 lb 8 oz
Length: same
Bili Level: 7 (all is well)

14 DAYS (The Two Week Visit)
Weight: 9 lb 5 oz (back to birth weight and then some!)
Length: 20.75

So the baby is healthy, growing, eating, sleeping (though that's an adventure), peeing but not pooping (need to watch that). And here he is, a picture of him sleeping the other day.


  1. He's precious, Robyn.. :) Gotta love it when they sleep.

    The pooping thing.. Switching formula can do that, and it doesn't mean anything is wrong. The one time that Emma hadn't pooped for two days, I was like, uhhh, and called the pedi, who said I could give her 2 oz of infant prune juice in a bottle. Well, by the time I bought it on my lunchbreak and took it to the sitter's, Emma had pooped.. so.. yeah.

    And sometimes she goes every other day, which is no big deal for her.

  2. My pediatrician gave me samples of glucose water to give Aaron to sip throughout the day. It should do what the prune juiced did for Emma.

    Though he DID poop immediately after the nurse took his temperature rectally this morning. Whew!

    And thanks for letting me know that Emma sometimes goes every other day. I thought formula fed babies went more frequently.

  3. Jonathan had the poop issue too. It happens when you switch formulas. also formula babies go less often. Aaron will be fine! :-) if you get worried, do a little baby massage on his belly and all will be well. :-)

  4. He is absolutely lovely looking, Robyn. =)

    My niece had poop issues too, she even needed a suppository on one occasion, but then she just kinda... found a routine! I'm sure Aaron will too.

  5. LOL.. Yep.. Take a rectal temp and they'll go just fine. Some people recommend doing that when they're constipated as well.

    Breastfed babies go more than formula babies.. That's what I remember from breastfeeding. She goes A Lot less on formula.