Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Newborn Vampire

Not in the sense that he drinks blood (that would be Enfamil, thank you) but because he has his days and nights mixed up. He's up and fussy between 1 and 4 am and, because of that, mommy and daddy are TIRED.

Now I seem better able to tolerate this than my husband. He's sleeping now while I'm blogging because I woke up STARVING. But I'm having "digestive issues" from my tear and finding something plain to eat is hard. Our family has helped by buying us groceries and bringing dinner, but the pantry is bare.

However, McBaby (even though I've mentioned his name before, this is a public blog and I may often just use that name) is doing MUCH better and so am I. I somewhat regret not giving breastfeeding a chance, but it was the right decision. He eats a LOT! He went back to the pediatrician yesterday for a recheck and he'd gained back 4 oz and is now at 8lb 8oz and will likely be back at his birth weight by the weekend.

He's taking at least 2 oz of formula every 2 hours. Sometimes more! My Ped said to feed on demand, and if I had done that with the breast I'd be feeding him every hour. Though the cost of formula will take it's toll on us. I hope we'll manage.

I'm so glad he's thriving. And we're... surviving.

His Bris is tomorrow. I hope that goes well. Poor baby boy won't like THAT!

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  1. At first, Emma loved to be up between 2 and 4am. I'd be exhausted while Pat would sleep. She wasn't fussy, thankfully, and I'm sorry Aaron is. She would just stare at me in the dark and want to check everything out.

    I hope he gets his days and nights straightened out soon.. It just takes time.