Friday, August 17, 2012


So as I wrote earlier in the week, Little Man is 3 and today was his well  child visit so I have stats to share. I think my husband is a bit disappointed by his height (he isn't as tall as we'd expected) but overall we're thrilled by how well he's grown.

HEIGHT: 38 inches (65th percentile)
WEIGHT: 35.8 pounds (84th percentile)

He is such a sweet kid.  He totally amazed his pediatrician for correctly identifying an otoscope (thanks to Doc McStuffins!) and the fact that he is talking up a storm at 3 makes me feel that the year in Early Intervention was the best thing ever!  He went from no sentences at age 2, to 9 words or more on average at age 3.

My sweet, sunshine boy is just a blessing.

I'm glad that the one child I have is so remarkable. I think I made the right choice to stop at one.

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