Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

And hopefully a HEALTHY one!

The last 10 days were rough here in the suburbs. Little Man woke up on Friday 12/23 with a fever of 102 and a juicy cough (he'd had one for a month, which I was told was due to teething). So off to the pediatrician I went, to be told it was likely bacterial after all this time. Sent home with a Z-pack and hoping we'd still be able to make a trip to Virginia on the 27th to see friends.

Nope. Christmas weekend was ROUGH. Little Man's fever fluctuated between 100.4 and 103.4 and he was just miserable. There were two afternoons when he only slept ON me. So on Monday morning we drove to the pediatrician for their walk-in hours (8-9 am on Mondays and Tuesdays) and waited to be seen. Apparently several children were quite sick.  When we did see the doctor, we found out that he had double ear infections and low oxygen levels (along with a fever of over 102). He was dosed with Advil, we did a nebulizer treatment (our first), and were sent home with a prescription for Omicef and Albuterol, and the nebulizer too. I was concerned re: Omnicef, since Little Man is allergic to Amoxcillin and I'M allergic to both Penicillin (Amoxicillin) and Omnicef. But his doctor said that it wasn't always the case and to give it a try.

When we got home, I felt terrible too and both Little Man and I napped. But Monday was still rough and we canceled our vacation. Tuesday was his recheck (of oxygen levels) and I made an appointment for MY doctor. The hubby dropped me off, took Little Man to the pedi, and I was quickly diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (and given a Z-pack). I was picked back up and back to the pharmacy we went (our third trip in 5 days) for my prescriptions. We gave Little Man his 2nd dose of Omincef and a few hours later he had a rash. I wasn't sure if it was a reaction, since he was also sweating and it looked like heat rash too. So we gave it to him again on Wednesday and... HIVES.

So on Thursday, one week after our first visit to the pediatrician, we went BACK.  This time we were told to discontinue antibiotics, as his ears looked better—I guess 3 days of a Z-pack that didn't work and 3 days of Omnicef, which caused an allergic reaction, did the trick. But the pediatrician we saw (same as I saw on Friday, but different than Monday and Tuesday) this time, and I like them all in this group, gave a Rx for Prednisone. That was trip number 4 to the pharmacy in 7 days. Our pharmacist was so nice, and concerned about our health. We go to a national chain, but the people working there are definitely not big business.

Friday (12/30) we finally are feeling almost human so we head to visit my in-laws. But since Little Man and I are still coughing and exhausted, we head home after lunch. Both of us take late naps (after 2 pm) and when we wake, we feel somewhat better. Saturday was better still, but I was not up for a trip to a local zoo and we only visited friends. But it was a nice play date. I think New Year's Day was the first day we truly felt "back to normal" and Little Man had fun on his swing set in the back yard.  I'm still coughing, but I think finally on the mend.

So here's to health and happiness in 2012! And a pic of Little Man "swinging in the New Year."

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  1. Awwww... I hope you guys are feeling better soon. Great picture!