Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trader Joe's and Food Woes

Many of my mom friends have suggested purchasing food at Trader Joe's for Little Man, so today I had some time to drive over to the closest one (which is about 20 minutes away) and I wasn't that impressed. But... I also had no idea what to try and what would be a complete waste.

What did I end up buying? Yogurt. Chocolate Cat Cookies (MY favorite thing there). Frozen vegetables for a future stir fry. And chocolate covered blueberries. Not for Little Man, but for me. My trip to TJ's is NOT going to help my diet plan. (I'm a Weight Watcher's Lifetime member, who is a few pounds over goal.) But I digress.

Anyway, I guess the yogurt was a good thing since it's all Little Man seems to want to eat lately. His eating habits frustrate me and I often wish I had tried "Baby Led Weaning" when he was an infant. Maybe he wouldn't be so picky a toddler. But I think of his oldest cousin, L, who was VERY picky and only ate pasta (at least in my presence) for the longest time. He's 8, nearly 9, now and apparently is a better eater now. So there could be hope. Plus the Occupational Therapist is supposedly going to help with this too. I'm looking forward to that starting but I haven't heard anything yet.

When Little Man got sick last month, it affected his appetite as a whole. He's lost a pound. That is SO weird to me, since he's always been on the higher side for weight. I'm sure it's fine, going from 34 lb to 33... but it was unusual. He even snacks less than before. It used to be he snacked TOO much and that was affecting his meals. But he's even refused Animal Crackers. Today was the first day he snacked and ate a relatively decent dinner.

As for me... my prior post about being overwhelmed is still true. So I'm making poor food choices and not tracking on my Weight Watcher's app. I don't *think* I've gained any more weight, but I'm not happy with how I've been eating. I need to get back to tracking this weekend no matter what!

Well, that was a bit of an up-and-down blog today, right? I do like Trader Joe's, however. I think next time I'll go alone and then I won't feel like I can't REALLY check out all their stuff. Though I'll definitely have to resist the baked goods—they looked delicious!

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